Award-Winning Retirement Villages in Christchurch

ARCHER is the ‘People’s Winner’

The inaugural AgedAdvisor Awards have just been announced…and Archer Home has been voted FIRST PLACE by the people for medium-large Care homes for the South Island!

If you are looking for Christchurch retirement villages or rest homes in Christchurch NZ aligned with your needs and beliefs, you’ve come to the right place.

We warmly invite you to consider Archer as an extended family to join.

We work hard to make Archer a place where you’d love to join the family, and out motto – ‘living life, loving life’ – is a reflection of that. Living in an Archer home is not simply about surviving, it’s about thriving and experiencing life in all its fullness. Our goal is to encourage all residents to appreciate every day and enjoy it fully.

LOVING LIFE: The Archer Vision

Like other places, we pride ourselves in the care and support we will provide to you, whether it be assisted living, dementia care or respite care. At Archer, the level of support and care each of our residents receives is of paramount importance. But unlike other rest homes in Christchurch, we take it one step further in our commitment to great care and a vision of fulfillment and satisfaction for all our residents. Read more about the details of our LIFE Vision here.

Our holistic approach to care is unique amongst Christchurch rest homes. At Archer we are registered to the internationally acclaimed ‘Eden Alternative’ elderly care model. Everything we do is based on the ‘Eden Alternative’ model – a holistic style of elderly care which has been acclaimed around the world for its humanity and focus on each individual.

We aim to help you love life, invest, embrace your faith and lead you to a bigger adventure outside your comfort zone. We don’t just provide you with your needs; we help you find your passions, too.

Here at Archer, we want you to be comfortable inside our family community, but at the same time, we want to keep you engaged and engrossed in everything that life has to offer.

Entering retirement villages here in Christchurch shouldn’t mean you stop living life — it should actually signal the beginning of a new one. We will focus on engaging your passions, interests and faith. We want to offer opportunities of exploring, discussing and embracing the Christian faith. We want you to relive past adventures and make new experiences.

Archer has been providing aged care in NZ for over 60 years, and most of our staff have been with us for many years because of the family approach to what we do. Archer focuses on a warm, homey feel for its residents, staff, and families within its complexes.

Thank you for considering Archer. Please feel free to talk to any of our staff, and as we often hear people say that it’s not just the glitz, but the feel of a place that makes the difference.


Graeme Mitchell
General Manager