Living life…Loving life

Our motto, ‘living life, loving life’ reflects our desire to make Archer a great place for you to become a family member of.
To love life in all its fullness and enjoy each day for the treasure it is.

We are committed to offering our LIFE Vision, with the acronym ‘LIFE’ being explained further here.

Loving Life : Enriching Lives

Many places try to minimise the physical ailments we face as we grow older, while Archer focuses on the human spirit.

A healthy spirit translates to a healthy body. We want to enrich people’s lives by either fostering or reconnecting with your interests and passions. Through the Archer LIFE Vision we strive to offer a Purpose to live for today, Hope to enjoy tomorrow, and Companionship through the family you become a part of.

Investment : Ensuring affordability

Archer strives to offer an affordable range of services that are very competitive to other choices of Retirement Villages you have available.

Archer’s Villages have weekly fees frozen for life!
No fear of any annual increase in weekly fees is highly valued by our residents.

Our fulltime Care Homes have some options of Standard and Premium rooms. You have the choice over your room for either short-term (respite) or fulltime care as you may request it, and based on availability!

Faith : Embracing Faith

Archer was founded with a Christian belief and set of values, but we welcome everyone from all walks of life.

At Archer we provide opportunities for people to explore faith and what it means to them, to discuss and consider the Christian faith, and make their own decisions from that.
We employ Chaplains who are involved in the weekly life on our Archer sites. Our Chaplains are happy to meet with people as needed.

Exciting : Encouraging Adventure

Living life, Loving life. We hope that everyone within the Archer family will really love their life through the friendships they make with fellow residents.

Our aim is that people are living life and enjoying themselves so much that they will end up
loving life as a family member of Archer.

Archer Tours

Archer’s Social and Events Staff also run a number of special events during the year, like a Mid-Winters Banquet, day trips to places like Akaroa and Hanmer Springs.
Our popular Archer Tours run day and overnight trips.
We even run an annual Camp Holiday which in recent years has included travelling to Queenstown, Lake Tekapo, the West Coast, and the Marlborough Sounds; and yes we even go jet boating! Our most senior resident to date is 95!

I have just returned from visiting Mum at Archer and found her to be in good spirits and enjoying her new environment. She certainly showed some spark when I walked into her room!
Archer is doing a fantastic job caring for our elderly folk.