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Visits to Archer Homes are open to vaccinated visitors and non vaccinated visitors. Visits must be pre-booked and are only available during stated visiting hours. There are daily limits on visitor numbers for each home.

Visiting Hours

Monday – Friday Public Holidays Saturday & Sunday
Archer Home1pm – 3pmClosed Closed
Thorrington Home1pm – 3pmClosedClosed
all visitors must vacate by 4pm

Visitor Checklist

  • Your visit must be pre-booked
  • Complete health check & negative RAT on arrival
  • Surgical masks to be worn during the visit
  • Room limits 1 person standard room, 2 people ensuite / care suite
  • Please cancel your visit if you are feeling unwell

Book your visit

Bookings must be made during week day office hours.

Archer Home office hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm and Thorrington office hours: 9.00am to 2.00pm. Use the form below to begin your booking:

Please note, due to our hourly restriction in visitor numbers (5 per hour), if there are two of you wishing to visit a resident, each person must be booked on individual bookings, these bookings can be for the same time slot if available. Room limits are 1 person standard room, 2 people ensuite / care suite

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