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At Archer Villages and Care Homes, our mission is to cultivate vibrant communities where residents thrive in an environment built on compassion, care, and meaningful relationships. 

Rooted in our charitable trust, we prioritize the well-being of individuals and villages under our care, ensuring that every person feels valued and supported. 

With a commitment to “People not things,” we foster a culture where no one feels alone, and where both compassion and professionalism are upheld at every turn. 

Our goal is to create living spaces that embody the essence of home – places where residents eagerly anticipate each day, cherishing its treasures and embracing life’s adventures. Through our dedication to enriching lives, embracing faith, and making village life affordable, we strive to make Archer Villages & Care Homes the preferred destination for those seeking a fulfilling and rewarding living experience.

Four superbly located retirement villages in Christchurch

Beckenham Village


One & two bed cottages & villas
Hospital level care home onsite

Thorrington Village


One & Two bedroom villas
Care home & dementia care onsite

Linrose Village


Two bedroom villas with garage
Priority access to care homes

Maryville Courts

Central City

Two bedroom villas & apartments
Priority access to care homes

Choose your lifestyle/care

Independent Living

Offering a range of Independent living lifestyle choices throughout Christchurch.

Rest Home & Hospital Care

Our Archer Home offers the choice of rest home and hospital level care.

Dementia Care

Our Thorrington Home offers the choice of rest home and dementia level care.

Why Archer Villages & Care Homes?
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Fixed Weekly fees for Life

Our Village residents have fixed weekly fees for life from the day they walk into one of our lifestyle villages. No weekly fee increases ever!

Weekly fees reduced to 50%

The Village weekly fees are discounted from the date of Licence termination to 50% until settlement of the Licence for an outgoing resident. (Normally these fees remain at 100% for 6-months and then reduce to 50%.)

No Capital Loss

We give you and/or your family the reassurance that in a property downfall we guarantee to repay the funds owed to you with no fear of being exposed to any capital loss. Any capital loss is covered by Archer Trust.

Advance on your Licence Refund

A $20,000 advance can be provided to residents transferring to residential care and awaiting the Accommodation subsidy to be approved; or provided to an Estate of a resident for costs they may be incurring for farewelling a loved one.


“I am grateful for all your loving support not only to me but to my family…”

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