The Archer Trust

Archer is the family name used to describe the Trust and Companies

There is a Charitable Trust, referred to as the ‘Archer Trust’ and legally entitled the Archer Memorial Baptist Home Trust, that owns everything, and reports annually to the Canterbury/Westland Baptist Association.
All the trading businesses are established as separate Companies and are owned 100% by the Archer Trust. This minimises the risk and allows each Company to focus on providing the best service it can to its residents.

Our Charitable Status benefits you

The Archer Trust Companies are 100% locally-owned.

All our Companies have Charitable status. This means as surpluses are generated, they are returned to the benefit of everyone involved at Archer. There are no external shareholders where dividends have to be paid.
The ‘Archer family’ reap the rewards of these surpluses through improved and expanded services, and the range of facilities provided.

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