The Kingdom Ministry Fund

Archer Kingdom Ministries Fund

Archer as a Charity believes in supporting other similar minded ministries in our community.

Since 2005 $700,000 has been donated to over 150 ministries.

To deal with inquiries and applications the ARCHER Kingdom Ministries Fund (AKMF) has been created. Its goal is to offer support and encouragement to other individuals and ministries that have a focus on growing the Kingdom of God and are seeking financial support to achieve their God-given desires.

The AKMF Committee will prayerfully consider each Application and determine whether they can or will be able to support that Application. Please note that there are no guarantees of funding your Application and we ask that you respectfully accept whatever decision the AKMF Committee make.

Wendy in Fiji
Archer Chaplain Rev Wendy Robinson talking with an elderly lady in a remote village on a Golden Oldies Mission trip to Fiji
One of our residents presenting our General Manager, Graeme Mitchell, with a donation from the Archer residents towards the Golden Oldies Mission trip to Fiji

Fund Guidelines

For your assistance, these are the current guidelines that our committee uses to assess any application for assistance:

  • Funds are to be used for Kingdom Ministry
  • Funds predominantly shall be allocated within the Canterbury-Westland Baptist Association


Examples, but not an exclusive list, of how the funds should be allocated include:

  • Baptist churches and their ministries
  • Special needs for residents and staff within ARCHER Ministry
  • Aged care
  • Mission/Teaching
  • Pastoral
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Buildings and/or equipment

Please click here to apply for the Kingdom Ministries Fund, or for any further information.

Here is a sample of what we have supported over the past years

Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades Leadership training, church projects, community development workers, Golden Oldies Missions, Children’s Ministry training, Glenroy Camp facilities improvements, student ministries at NZ Universities, 24/7 youth ministries, community women’s and families workers, a soup kitchen, emergency aid to Pacific Islands, and much more.

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