Op Shop Hop a roaring success!-

Archer Tours 2023 - Op Shop Hop

Our popular Op Shop Hop was once again a roaring success. We visited two Op Shops in the morning, enjoyed lunch at The Portstone and then visited another two Op Shops in the afternoon.

It was great to catch up with each other and meet new people. The prize for the most serious shoppers would have to go to the people in the Thorrington/Linrose van – there was only just room for them to get in!

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A day trip to Geraldine-

Archer Tours day trip to Geraldine

It’s always a lovely trip down to Geraldine and this time was no exception. We stopped at Lushingtons on the way for morning tea and then drove to Geraldine where we spent free time wandering around, shopping, eating and enjoying the Autumn colours. We always welcome new friends on our Archer Tours so please be in touch if you would like to join us, phone: 03 943-6006.

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A taste of France on a trip to Akaroa-

Archer Tours - Taste of France Akaroa trip, stunning vista

We were blessed with beautiful weather for our Archer Tours trip to Akaroa. A delicious morning tea was enjoyed at Little River, as well as a stop at Barry’s Bay Cheese Factory. Then it was free time in Akaroa where several people enjoyed the famous Akaroa Fish and Chips and meandering around the village and waterfront.

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