Thank you Wellbeing Team – A Resident Letter-

Thanks Wellbeing Team!

We all enjoy warm fuzzies and this thank you letter written by a resident following Lockdown certainly gave the Wellbeing Team a big dose! We share it with our resident’s approval – it was so nice to receive such positive feedback after such a trying time for all!

“When in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone it changed the world. Both his mother and his wife were deaf. Alexander was a teacher and taught deaf people, so he understood the value of communication.

Last March when the villas went into tight lock down due to the corona virus pandemic, the occupants of our villas had to learn a new way of life, in a bubble. For some a solo bubble. The Welfare Committee at Archer organised a Welfare Team to telephone each bubble in the village on a regular basis. It became a lifeline to the outside world for us. When a member of the Welfare Team picked up the telephone or cell phone and rang us, hearing another human voice made us feel we had not been abandoned or forgotten.

We chatted with the caller, got to know them, learned about their families, even their pets and their busy schedules. Because they had put aside their valuable time to telephone us, it shortened our day and took away our feelings of isolation. Sometimes we enjoyed a laugh together which raised our spirits.

Alexander’s invention was the link to the outside world for us and we will never forget, while we are able, the support our Welfare Team gave us making those calls. I think I speak for all those from the villas today and for those not able to be here today when I say thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

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