Celebrating a Milestone: Keith Williamson Turns 104

Keith Williamson's 104th Birthday Cake
Keith Williamson's 104th Birthday

The Archer family recently celebrated an impressive milestone as one of our cherished residents, Keith Williamson, marked his 104th birthday. Keith is not unfamiliar with being thrust into the spotlight, he was recently featured in the Star’s special Anzac coverage in which his poignant stories of service and loss during the Second World War were deeply appreciated by many readers throughout Christchurch.

Keith has called Archer Beckenham home for the past 15 years, living independently in a villa within the village, and is a vibrant and lively member of the community. During his birthday speech, he made special mention of feeling of belonging he has found in the village, and that ‘living in the village is like being part of a big family’. We are thrilled that Keith is enjoying the close-knit and supportive atmosphere that so many wonderful staff and family members work so hard to provide for the residents.

Over the years, Keith has formed fulfilling friendships—’loads of lovely friends’ to bring colour to his life.

As Keith celebrates this wonderful 104th birthday, his story continues to inspire and bring joy to all of those around him, proving that age is just a number when life continues to be lived to the full.

Keith Williamson's 104th Birthday Cake
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