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Memory Support at the Memory Care Centre

Archer Memory Care Centre

Our Approach

Our approach with loved ones with dementia is to support their memory, with an holistic approach to care and well-being.

This is our focus in the Thorrington Home Memory Support Neighbourhood.

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“People with dementia often live in a parallel universe, existing in the same time and space as ours, but with different rules and values.
We must strive to acknowledge and understand these universes and find a common ground for care.”

– ‘Dementia Beyond Drugs’ by G. Allen Power, an Eden Alternative GP specialising in changing our culture of care for those living with dementia.

2019 Aged Advisor Awards

2019 Finalist

Archer Home is a 2019 Finalist for Best Aged Care Medium/Large Facility [South Island]. Thank you to all the people that voted!

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