Hospital Care

Archer Home Hospital-Level Care

Archer Home provides hospital-level care and support

In 2019 Archer Home opened its new swing bed service offering both rest home and hospital-level care services for its residents and people from the community.

Those needing high-level medical attention, care and support could now receive it. Archer continues to offer a full continuum of care with rest home and hospital facilities at its Colombo Street location in Christchurch.

We encourage those requiring rest home and hospital care to contact us to arrange a viewing.

What is Hospital-Level Care?

When there is an increase in the level of care a person needs at Archer, the increased support, care and attention brought to bear is described as ‘hospital-level care’ (which can sometimes include palliative and respite care). To establish whether hospital-level care is needed, we will arrange for a needs assessment.

A needs assessment is required, not only for the purpose of deciding if ongoing residential care is a better option for someone than remaining at home, but also to determine the level of care that is needed at their new home, whether that be rest home care, hospital level care, or dementia care.

Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB)-approved assessors are responsible for completing these assessments with accuracy and in a thorough manner. The assessment covers an individual’s support needs, health needs, and care level needs. The assessor will determine if there is a need to increase care level from rest home to hospital care.

Where is Archer Home?

Archer Home shares a landscaped complex at 166 Colombo Street in Christchurch with Archer Village and conveniently skirts the Beckenham shops (including a supermarket and pharmacies).

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