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4 Fantastic Boutique Villages in Christchurch

[tek_photobox phb_title=”Archer Village” phb_description=”In Beckenham
Offering Cottages and Villas
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[tek_photobox phb_title=”Thorrington Village” phb_description=”Within the Beckenhem Loop
Offering Villas
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[tek_photobox phb_title=”Linrose Village” phb_description=”In Linwood
Offering two bedroom Villas
All have internal garaging” phb_text_align=”text-left” phb_image=”39″ phb_custom_link=”box-button-link” phb_box_link=”|||” phb_button_text=”Learn More” phb_background_color=”#f2f2f2″]
[tek_photobox phb_title=”Maryville Courts” phb_description=”Inner city living
Offering two bedroom Villas and Apartments
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It’s a Lifestyle Choice

Our lifestyle villages are about making a lifestyle choice. We want Archer to become your ‘home for life’.

Experience one of our three boutique retirement villages in Christchurch city and enjoy life through the extensive range of social programmes and events that we offer.

‘Loving Life’ … with Peace of Mind

Have as much independence, or dependence on us as you like, while living here in your village. Make some new friends, take part in the diverse social programmes on offer and the special events, such as the day trips and annual ‘family holiday’ away with our Archer Tours. Join the fitness group and/or arthritis exercises in the heated pool.

There’s no more stress over breakdowns and maintenance troubles. If you feel unwell in your residence just call our clinical team for assistance.

Feel safe knowing there is security in place for your protection, leave your home under our care when you take a holiday.

Lifestyle Village Integration

Our villages have shared events occurring weekly. Villages host different events, and residents from our villages travel either independently or use our shuttle service to attend these events. Shared events include entertainers, movies, shopping and cafe trips, exercise classes and more.

Community Centres

Each Village has a Community Centre for resident-run activities, meetings, and they can be used for family celebrations as well.

Archer Leisure Centre

The Archer Leisure Centre with its variety of amenities, including an indoor heated pool and spa, is open to all our residents to enjoy.


We want you to feel safe and secure. Our village has a 24/7 emergency system linked either to our homes or to an external national emergency monitoring service. Smoke alarms are checked at daylight saving times by our staff. Our villages have security gates at our main village entrances that close automatically during night hours. However, all residents and their guests are still able to manually open the gates ‘after hours’.

Care Support

Continuing to ensure our residents maintain good health is important to us. At Archer, we offer wellness clinic for residents of our villages. Our nurses running the wellness clinics provide a wide range of services such as checking blood pressure, diabetes and sugar-level checks, wound care and can provide a second opinion on general medical issues.

Respite Care

Archer Group is an organisation that is proud to offer respite and emergency support. We truly understand how difficult it can be to be a full-time and part-time carer, which is why we offer this service. You can be sure Archer’s staff will take care of your loved ones and can guarantee a piece of mind whilst you take a time-out from your daily duties. Read more about Archer’s respite care.

Do you need help for yourself or a loved one?

Get help from a caring and knowledgeable professional.

Archer Villages & Care Homes