Maryville Courts Purchase

Archer announces the conditional purchase of Maryville Courts, owned by the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

Maryville Courts is a stunning independent Retirement Village in the City Centre. It comprises of lovely landscaped and spacious grounds, has 65 villas and apartments and a comprehensive community centre for residents to enjoy.

It was established in 1983 and run by the Maryville Courts Trust Board. The Catholic Diocese has been undergoing a major re-organization with the proposed construction of a new Cathedral and surrounding precinct. The Archbishop states “Maryville has a very good name as a place which provides quality facilities and housing for people in a caring environment. The decision to consider selling Maryville is a decision not taken lightly…”

Archer feels honoured and humbled to have this acquisition opportunity. We acknowledge the anxiousness that Maryville residents may feel with the possibility of a new owner, however, we see that many of our values are similar. Both are charitable organisations, have the Christian faith as part of our special character; while Archer’s ‘loving life’ programmes offer a diverse range of events including Archer Tours, and being able to provide a continuum of care services as and when needed by residents.

Archer will strive to offer Maryville residents confidence for their future and provide these additional services for residents to enjoy as being part of the wider Archer family.

Graeme Mitchell
General Manager
Archer Group
1 September 2021

Archer Trust