Lockdown Short Story Competition

Archer Covid-19 lockdown short story competition

During our Covid-19 Lockdown season, a short story competition ran for residents from Archer’s three Lifestyle Villages and two Care Homes. The theme was “All’s Well that Ends Well” and the winners were decided by our expert Judge Anne Wignall.

One of our stories even made it to the Prime Minister’s Office and Lynne was very surprised to receive a lovely letter of reply from Jacinda which now has pride of place in her villa.

We had a lovely time presenting certificates and the printed book has been very well received with several residents purchasing copies for family and friends. If you would like a copy they are available from the Archer office for $10.00.

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Respite Care


Respite is taking a break from your caring responsibilities. Taking time out can help you feel rested and re-energised.

A respite option is any support or service that helps you to have a break from caring for a person with a disability.

In order to take a break, you may consider,

  • Asking other family members or friends to take over your duties
  • Hiring a support worker
  • Paying for the person to do an activity or programme that they enjoy
  • Temporarily send the person to an organisation that has the skills for caring with people with disabilities

If some of these options are not feasible, then you may be eligible to get funding from the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Services (NASC). NASCs is an organisation that falls under the Ministry of Health, who is responsible to assist disabled people, their families and their carers. They will be able to assist with your support needs so you can get the break you deserve.

Archer Group is an organisation that is proud to offer respite and emergency support. We truly understand how difficult it can be to be a full-time and part-time carer, which is why we offer this service. You can be sure Archer’s staff will take care of your loved ones and can guarantee a piece of mind whilst you take a time-out from your daily duties.

If you’re in need of assistance, then get in touch with Archer today to discuss dates, type of care and payment options.


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