Proof that age is no barrier to living life to the fullest!

Ailsa in the City2surf
Ailsa in the Les Mills City2Surf fun run
Ailsa’s story was featured in the Nor’west News & Southernview papers!

We’re all still beaming with pride reading the newspaper write-ups about one of our residents, Ailsa Newton, who showed true determination and spirit by participating in the Les Mills City2Surf fun run. Ailsa, a remarkable 92-year-old, took on the challenge with vigour, completing an impressive 6.5km journey from Porritt Park to Rawhiti Domain.

With extensive training and support from our dedicated staff, Ailsa conquered the course, taking 8480 steps along the way. Her one hour and 43-minute time was an impressive display of physical resilience.

Reflecting on her accomplishment, Ailsa expressed her gratitude for the support she received, emphasising the importance of staying active as she shared, “the event was very good and very well organised. It was a relief to finish, and I was very glad to sit down. I am quite proud of myself for having done it. As people say, use it or lose it. I must say thank you to all who supported me.”

Joined by her son, Brian McCracken, and fellow residents, Ailsa enjoyed the fruits of being dedicated to her training, which included daily walks for six weeks leading up to the event. By achieving her 6km milestone the week before the run, Ailsa surpassed even her own expectations.

While she jokingly says, “I’m still asking myself why I did it. I will never do it again,” she must have caught the competitive walking bug, as she is contemplating future challenges, including a 5km Pink Ribbon walk in October.

Ailsa’s passion for walking stretches back decades, having been a part of various walking groups throughout her life. Her enduring love for walking, which she humorously claims began at just one year old, has been a constant source of joy and vitality for her.

Ailsa continues to maintain an active lifestyle, walking 1.5km four days a week and participating in our village activity programme. Her commitment to staying active serves as an inspiration to us all, demonstrating that age is no barrier to living life to the fullest.

To celebrate Ailsa’s achievement, a special gathering was held here at Archer Village, celebrating her and the other walkers who participated in the event. It was a moment of joy and pride for the entire Archer family as we celebrated Ailsa’s inspirational journey.

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