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Update – Tuesday 13th September 2022
Archer Group – New Covid Criteria

Government Covid Announcement

The Government announced the abolishing of the traffic light system and mandatory mask wearing, except for health services and Residential Aged-care from Monday 11.59pm 12 September.

It remains Archer’s responsibility to provide a duty of care for all our residents, visitors, staff, volunteers and contractors that we associate with daily.

At the same time, we want to take a pragmatic approach to minimise the disruption we have all endured these past years and provide further ‘freedoms’ for everyone to enjoy.

Weighing these ‘care and protection’ vs ‘freedom’ principles, we are now setting revised criteria for our Villages and Homes.


  1. Our Villages and Community Centres are open for residents and friends to enjoy.
  2. Mask wearing is optional within our Centres and for meetings held there.
  3. Normal health precautions prevail, if you’re feeling unwell please do not attend these sites or engage with visitors.
  4. Village residents can return to have meals within the Care Home by abiding by the Home’s entry criteria AND have completed a RATs test prior to entering Home/dining room.


Thorrington and Archer Homes are open for general visitors with no day/time restrictions, i.e. the booking system is suspended.

Admission to our Homes are subject to abiding by and accepting the following conditions:

  1. Visitors must be feeling healthy and asymptomatic of any covid/flu signs.
  2. Agree to complete a RATs test prior to entry only if requested by a staff member.
  3. If you are planning to stay for a meal then a RATs test is mandatory prior to entry.
  4. Wear a surgical mask for the full duration of your visit.

Archer reserves the right to revise any of these terms and conditions at any time.

Graeme Mitchell
General Manager
Archer Group