Covid-19 Updates

Unite Against Covid-19


Our responsibility remains to keep all residents and staff protected, safe and well cared for.

From Wednesday 8 September our Care Homes and Villages are open with some restrictions.

Families or visitors can enter our Homes or Village homes, providing they meet our admission conditions.

Our Homes are open for visitation from 10am-4pm daily. You must supply your own mask and abide by our other health conditions. Visits are solely to resident’s rooms, not lounges or dining areas.

Our Villages are open to families and visitors, again abiding by the standard public health messaging.

If you have any questions, can you please direct your inquiry to our Reception staff by phone/email during business hours, thank you.

Iris (Archer) 03-9436006 email:
Meredith (Thorrington) 03 982-1480 email:

Graeme Mitchell
General Manager
Archer Group