Dementia Resources

Archer’s Thorrington Home provides a supportive ‘Memory Support’ Neighbourhood, a part of the greater provision of dementia care in Christchurch, in cooperation with CDHB and specialist dementia NGOs such as those listed below.

Dementia Canterbury

Dementia Canterbury provides free support services for people with dementia and their families. Guided by research, they follow a care-centric rather than cure-centric philosophy – this means that people with dementia are their focus, and the primary effort of this organisation goes into providing them with rich, stimulating experiences and services. They aim to help those with dementia to continue to lead fulfilling lives, imbued with purpose and hope, with the best possible quality of life. Dementia Canterbury, besides supporting individuals with dementia, also focuses on helping communities become dementia-friendly – safe and supportive environments for people with dementia to live and thrive.

Dementia Canterbury provides the following services and resources:

  • Dementia Diagnosis – A resource addressing the question, ‘why bother getting diagnosed?’. This includes a really practical list of steps to take if you are worried that you might have dementia, covering what to do before seeing your doctor (GP) and what to expect from the appointment itself. Find out what is involved in how Canterbury GPs make their assessment.
  • Information About Dementia – This resource includes articles covering the topics of ‘what is dementia?’ and the signs and types of dementia. Also covered is a lifestyle-change guide on how to reduce the risk of developing demential.
  • Available Services – View a list of services accessible to all those who have been diagnosed with dementia and still live in the community with their support people. 

Alzheimers New Zealand logo

Alzheimers New Zealand

Alzheimers New Zealand is a national organisation that, through local Alzheimers organisations in Canterbury, helps Christchurch residents by providing information, education, support and services directly to those affected by dementia.

Alzheimers New Zealand provides the following services and resources:

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