Living and Loving Life

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Living life…Loving life

Our motto, ‘living life, loving life’ reflects our desire to make Archer a great place for you to become a family member of.
To love life in all its fullness and enjoy each day for the treasure it is.

We are committed to offering our LIFE Vision, with the acronym ‘LIFE’ being explained further here.


Loving life – enriching lives

Enriching our residents’ lives through engaging them in their passions and interests, and incorporating the Care Partnership model as a framework to achieve this.


Investment – ensuring affordability

Aiming to make your lifestyle at Archer affordable and good value.


Faith – embracing faith

Offering all people involved at Archer the opportunity to explore, discuss, and consider embracing the Christian faith.


Exciting – encouraging adventures

Helping residents to relive past adventures again and experiencing new adventures today.

Our Special Character/Vision

Archer was founded with a Christian belief and set of values, but we welcome everyone from all walks of life.

Community Centres

Where we all come together


See our Residents Live Life and Love Life!

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